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What happens in Blizzard?

In General, if you didn’t know, Blizzard had a labor crisis and Game Workers Unite UK Treasurer Kevin Agwase specially hosted the Ask Me Anything event today.By the way, many of the topics that were provided in the presentation will be useful for anyone who wishes. And what can the press and players, readers who want to help the workers get organized do?

Agvise noted that a second report on working conditions can be useful and help, but people already in the industry know about the problem. The press and Newspapers put this in the foreground, and it is likely to be useful, but not for all the time, but only for as long as readers do not become numb from it. But when people are upset, it’s even more damaging to the image and no company wants that.

In General, Agwaze does not seem to think that gamers are able to cope with the boycott, but in General everything is quite strange.

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When poor working conditions are seen as a source for people outside the industry, Agwaze worries that they will stop caring. He suggested that the press and fans continue to talk about specific attempts to unite and strike to support people who are actually trying to make changes. The boycott obviously helps this and may actually hit those profits that companies are worried about, but then again, Agwaze doesn’t seem to think that gamers are able to handle it.

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In terms of unionization in General, working conditions, incident reports, and overtime issues, Agwaze seems pretty practical. Most situations simply require a conversation with current or potential future colleagues: ask about conditions and pay, pay attention to Department trends, ask people of different genders and backgrounds. You don’t need to be an organizer or take responsibility if it’s none of your business, but if you want a Union, just join it. The money you give helps get the ball. As Agwase pointed out, Union leaders he spoke to in Sweden have a large enough war chest to allow their people to strike for years without pay, while British unions, with whom he is more familiar, can only have months. The sooner you start growing this war chest, the better.

He also suggested focusing on local unions. While there is clearly a fear of a company outsourcing its work, Agwaze also believes that companies that have recently opened expensive offices in high-cost areas such as San Francisco may be less willing or able to close shop and move elsewhere, so use this to your advantage where applicable.

Finally, for anyone interested in the gaming industry, future lawyers, or really interested in all of this, who wants to read a little more, Agwaze recommends the secrets of a successful organizer as a good resource.

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