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What are the updates to Wild Terra 2?

We haven’t said anything about Wild Terra 2 for a long time. What is going on there?What improvements have been added and what will happen next. Actually, many people are already talking and writing about this, but the developers have given us new information for all of us to think about.

In fact, many have seen how the game has fallen off their radar.Wild Terra 2 is a crowdfunded sequel to Wild Terra (duh), which appeared because the developers reached a ceiling with the technology of the original game. Up to this point, the game has run a number of different tests and shared a development roadmap that leads to the release of early access this year.

Now let’s go to what will be added:

Mountain territory and a new dungeon
Worked out the story and monsters for the new location. This will be a snow-covered mountain territory, where the guards live, holding back the onslaught of monsters from the underground similar to Destiny 2 Raids & Dungeons. You are waiting for new quests, a new type of metal, new equipment, new monsters and bosses!

In the near future, developers also want to take up Farming, and plan to launch it this month. You will find a well-developed system of growing crops in several stages, selection, use of fertilizers, tools, as well as the fight against pests, diseases, weeds, and soil depletion. Weather and seasons will also affect the crop. Initially, only the basic features will be available, and all of the above will be introduced to the game gradually.

Developed and added bags that increase the number of cells in the inventory (depending on the quality), but give a small penalty to the speed of movement. Bags are equipped in a slot and displayed on the back of the character, and only one bag can be put on at a time. In addition to the usual bags, one exotic one will be added, to which a lamp will be attached. Bags will appear in the game in the next update!

Central city with non-player characters

A part of the territories and the main models of buildings and decorations have been worked out. In the city, you will meet merchants and artisans who can get tasks, sell special items, and buy recipes and some consumables. Later, the city will add a Bank with access to storage, and it will also be possible to purchase residential space for arrangement and rapid movement.
The developers planned to release an update with the Central city this summer, but due to the large volume of accompanying mechanics (NPC, currency, trade, quests, ways to get currency, recipes that can be unlocked for currency, etc.), the launch of the city is postponed to the fall.

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