Well, Mortal Online 2 finally got its latest patch, beta patch

Well, Mortal Online 2 finally got its latest patch, beta patch The big feature here is the mounted melee combat. The patch also adds several new features and locations.

Dedicated add-ons for this patch include:

  • Added mounted melee combat
  • Added A Light Anti-Cheat.
  • Added a cave Camp cave.
  • Added more interesting moments in the world.
  • Added an updated version of the Kranesh.
  • Added the flipoff emotion.

The patch also includes a ton of changes for AI, vendors, reduced endurance costs, icons, and improved CPU performance due to disabling some AI components in the engine. The patch also points out some known issues:

  • Some security patrol paths are wrong. Some guards lose their way, take shortcuts, or step over objects. The paths will be improved later.
  • At the moment, the AI doesn’t avoid passing through other characters. The so-called “crowd movement” in the engine had to be removed when we replaced the AI movement.
  • Pets follow their owner at an irregular speed.

Earlier this month, the Mortal Online 2 team updated their roadmap to include more dungeons, weapons, character customization, and more. The team was busy constantly updating its beta version and making various fixes and tweaks. In addition, stress testing was in the spotlight earlier this year.

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