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“Welcome to Orison” – A patch for Star Citizen has been released

Cloud Imperium has released a major update 3.14.0 for the alpha version of the space MMO Star Citizen, dubbed Welcome to Orison. Its main innovation is the planet Crusader along with the new Orison landing zone. This place is considered one of the most picturesque in Stanton.

Also, players have the opportunity to give up, which, according to the developers, will become an important part of the gameplay. At a critical moment, players will have to decide: risk their lives and continue to fight, try to escape from the battlefield, or simply surrender. In the latter case, the security service will arrest the criminal and confiscate the ship, and the punishment will be lower than in case of defeat. At the moment, it is still impossible to surrender to other players.

Below you can see the important changes in patch 3.14.0:

  • New rocket operator mode to separate weapon and rocket / torpedo gameplay
  • New ship: RSI Constellation Taurus
  • Planetary volumetric clouds v1
  • Additional graphics settings
  • Improving the radar
  • Improving the ship’s energy management system
  • Improving the interface of ships
  • New flight visuals
  • Friends list is no longer limited to 50 players
  • Numerous bug fixes

If you want to see the list of changes in more detail, you can visit the official website of Star Citizen.

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