Weilding will be released on December 9.

As it became known, the League of Legends got another character that players will look forward to. This time it will be Rell the Iron Maiden.

Weilding a giant spear, Rell joins the roster with an invoice of 10.25 on December 9.

In fact, the character was showcased in several different ways, giving players a glimpse into the backstory, abortion, and role in the Summoner’s Rift. Support role, Rell can merge the armor of his enemies with its passive, break the form. In addition, it can pump resistance from multiple enemies to “become extremely tanky,” according to Riot.

This character, Rell, can also use Ferromancy or metal manipulation, turning her horse into a heavy shield that lasts until it breaks or Rell recovers. During the transformation, Rell can use either a magnetic storm that draws enemies to her for a few seconds, or attack and repel, which bind her armor to an ally, polishing their armor and magic resistance. Remaking this spell will stun all enemies between her and a bound ally.

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