Weekly World of Warcraft maintenance.

I advise you to get ready for the nerf round, because the weekly maintenance of World of Warcraft is about to lead to a nerf pile of dungeons and raids.

So, the sodium Castle can’t escape the nerf and sees the nerfs in the Blood Council, the Slug, and the Stone Legion Generals. Sludgefist sees some damage reduction on Colossal Roar, Chain Strike, and Chain Bleed. The generals of the Blood Council and the Stone Legion are slightly more extensive. For example, the Blood Council will see nerfs including:

  • The damage from draining Essence is reduced to 20% with smaller raid sizes in Raid Finder, Normal and Heroic difficulties. Damage will remain at the same level in 30-player raids.
  • Other dungeons and raids affected by the nerfs include Plague Falls (Margrave of Stradam), Sanguine Depths (Crixis Gluttonous and Executor Tarvold), Climbing Spires, and Necrotic Trail.
  • The duration of the Dark Recital decreased to 6 seconds on normal and Heroic difficulties.

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