Watch Dogs: Legion will add a "Resistance" mode for hardcore players

Watch Dogs: Legion will add a “Resistance” mode for hardcore players

On the Watch Dogs: Legion blog, Ubisoft has published a post introducing Resistance mode for the story campaign. It is intended primarily for hardcore players.

Ubisoft wants players to really feel like they are part of oppressed London’s resistance to an authoritarian power.

Moving around the city in this mode is much more dangerous and risky. Passing through the checkpoint? You will be noticed. Are you getting too close to an Albion soldier on the street? You will be noticed. Albion has even taken over some tech points around the world, so capturing them without an escape plan is a risky task.

In addition, fast travel on the subway will also be removed. Resistance agents will now appear on the map, will be engaged in reconnaissance, and it will be possible to switch between them.

Open combat will become more dangerous. All enemies you encounter in this mode are elite and will use their abilities and behavior much more often. They will also call in reinforcements faster. In addition, several save slots will appear in the game on consoles.

The release of the game is expected at the end of August.

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