Watch Dogs Legion developers finally revealed major game details

watch dogs legion

Many speculation and leaks were born about Watch Dogs Legion, and it finally has been properly revealed on-stage at the Ubisoft E3 2019 conference, and the auditory seemed very impressed.

The Gameplay

In Watch Dogs: Legion, which takes place in the “not-too-distant future”, gamers will control a group of hackers trying to take down a regime which has taken control of the UK through an advanced surveillance system. You will be able to recruit any of the thousands of playable characters in the game, all with their own special backgrounds and abilities, to help them along the way, but the game will not have a protagonist, so in this world you only control NPCs. Not a loss at all from that perspective.

Watch Dogs Legion looks familiar, and the uncomfortably vision of post-Brexit Britain certainly feels like an escalation of the silicon valley tech bro nonsense of Watch Dogs 2. But the possibility of playing as any NPS seems like a big step up for the series. We hope it will prove more than a novelty and finally will make Watch Dogs look as its own legit open-world franchise.

There’s also a 30 minutes gameplay video that you can check out below.

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