Warframe’s Deadlock Protocol Update Delayed to June

Warframe’s Deadlock Protocol Update Delayed to June

The new Deadlock Protocol update coming to Warframe has, once again, been delayed according to a recent post on their website. The new expected release date is now sometime unknown in June.

The post is written by SpaceySarah on the Warframe forums:

“We now know early enough that Deadlock Protocol is not shipping on PC this week! We have mentioned on the past 2 Devstreams that June was our Delay Buffer – and we’ll indeed need to use that buffer! Of course, we wanted to inform you of this as soon as possible to best keep you updated on current behind-the-scenes protocols. There’s lots to look forward to – including a new Warframe Quest for Protea – so this extra time will be spent readying this new content for your masterful hands! Thank you for understanding – and thank you for your patience!”

The Deadlock Protocol update was originally slated for April and later has been moved to May. This isn’t the first delay for Warframe. This year we’ve seen that it most assuredly won’t be the last, but it’s nice that they are keeping fans posted with how the development is progressing. More info will be coming in our next posts.

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