Warframe: The New War gameplay will be shown at TennoCon 2021

Warframe: The New War gameplay will be shown at TennoCon 2021

Warframe developer and publisher Digital Extremes invites fans to the first gameplay demo of The New War’s massive expansion.

Players hope that the expansion can return such content as raids to the game. So why exactly can this expansion return raids? It is known that the Digital Extremes team, just like the community, wants to return this type of content. And earlier, the necessary tools were developed that would help in creating raid mechanics. And throughout 2020, players took part in several operations similar to the studio’s experiment with raids.

TennoLive will be streaming Saturday, July 17th on Twitch as part of the TennoCon event.

“As most players already know, we’re bringing New War back to TennoCon! This is a very important event for our team and community, given the long time that has passed since this expansion was first shown and discussed with players. We sincerely hope that the Tenno will enjoy this day and the memorable experiences we have experienced in Warframe, ”said Sheldon Carter, Chief Operating Officer, Digital Extremes. “There are still many new and exciting announcements to come, but players should connect to TennoLive to find out more. We have planned an interactive and exciting broadcast, where every viewer will find something interesting for himself. And there will also be an opportunity to get the Prime version of Loki. “

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