War Thunder organized Victory Parade

The military shooter War Thunder organized the Victory Parade. Automation wasn’t involved at all and it was its main feature. The real users operated all of the equipment.

120 players from 60 Russian, Kazakh, Ukrainian and Montenegrin countries were involved in the parade. The preparation to the great performance had started several months before. Everyone who took part in it had been taught what had he had been he supposed to do.

Not only Great Patriotic War times equipment was shown. Users also saw anti-aircraft missile systems, neoteric tanks, helicopters and aircraft. The event was finished with spectacular show in the air: Russian, Ukrainian and Belarus flags lit up the sky.

Virtual aerobatic command IRSS shot the parade. It also took part in Timur Bekmambetov’s “Devyatayev” fieldwork. The main organizational part was realized by KTS Alliance. By the way, everyone can participate in different game events held by this association.

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