Void Edge Update for Rainbow Six Siege will be released today

Void Edge Update for Rainbow Six Siege

Employees at Ubisoft Montreal told us today when Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege will receive the Void Edge update, and how much the patch contains.

The developers of the shooter Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege decided to prepare the players in advance for the Void Edge update, which will add two new operatives to the project – lana and Oryx, remake the Oregon map, change the barrier destruction system, make balance edits and reduce the cost of the characters.

Today, on March 10, prevention on PC, Xbox One and PS4 starts during the day. An official update will be released later after that.

The size of the patch will probably not appeal to users who do not have access to unlimited Internet. Gamers on PC will have to download 60-69 GB, on Xbox One – 39-43 GB, and on PS4 – 38-42 GB.

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