Valorbound: new hardcore MMORPG with over 300 classes

Valorbound: new hardcore MMORPG with over 300 classes

The hardcore MMORPG Valorbound will be based on a PvPvE principle. Above all, you should play with and against other players and either win a lot or lose everything.

What is Valorbound? The game comes from the indie developer Team Scionica, who have already published an RPG in Minecraft called Fearun Heroes. In Valorbound you should become a real adventurer. So the PvP and survival aspect of the game should be in the foreground.

The developer promises these features:

  • Open world with PvPvE systematics.
  • Different races.
  • 27 unique classes, of which you can always combine two at a time, resulting in over 300 class combinations.
  • An expanded health system – so you should not only “swallow healing potions” until everything is fine, but have to take care of wounds, bleeding and broken bones.
  • No better values ​​through levels – The values ​​of your character only depend on your equipment. Players should be equal regardless of whether they have played 100 or 1000 hours.
  • Full-Loot PvP – If you kill a player, you can take anything they have with them. The developers promise to take care of a particularly fair system.
  • Despite the hardcore label, there should be no other survival elements. You don’t have to keep an eye on thirst, stocks of arrows or the like.

Why is that exciting? As soon as you read the features, it becomes clear: Valorbound will be a niche game, but the potential to cover its niche is definitely there. It is aimed heavily at PvP oriented players who like to risk a lot in order to win a lot.

You can fight bosses together, but it will and should even end in a fight for the loot. But even if you win, sometimes you don’t get away with it. For example, you have to deal with a broken bone that will restrict you for longer than bleeding will.

The horizontal progression approach is also exciting. Players do not receive any benefits from leveling up. Your complete strength comes from your equipment, which should not be randomly generated. So you can specifically hunt the items that you need for your build.

When can you play Valorbound? When will Valorbound be released? The game is being developed by a very small team and is still in a very, very early stage. We also don’t yet know on which platforms the game will appear, or what the exact payment model looks like.

The developer has announced a “low entry price” and speaks of a kind of season pass (via MassivelyOP).

Even with a very positive development, a release is unfortunately unlikely in the foreseeable future. What is the schedule like? So far there is little information about a schedule or even an exact date. The only thing that is certain is that there will definitely be play tests. There is currently no fixed date for an Alpha or Early Access.

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