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Valheim finally presents the first big update Hearth & Home

At Gamescom 2021, the Valheim developers announced the first major update, Hearth & Home. On September 16th you will finally get new content. There was a new trailer in true anime style for the opening night live.

This is the new trailer: After the hugely successful start on Steam, the developers at Valheim have apparently invested in their trailers. Because the announcement of the Hearth & Home update is a short anime.

A Viking fights against the third boss of Valheim, the dragon mother Moder. After the epic fight, he drags his head back through the snowy mountains, over the stormy seas and through the dark forest, past some trolls – motifs that players are definitely familiar with.

The end shows three Vikings around a table at a feast with mead and various delicacies when the hunter comes in and presents the prey. That is already a small indication of what is in the 1st major update.

Hearth & Home – This is in the 1st major update

The new update brings: For the most part, Hearth & Home contains innovations for catering and the popular construction system. Full patch notes are not yet available, but we already know that:

  • the food system is completely overhauled
  • new recipes come to the boil to expand the best food in the game – including “Eyesctream” and “Shocklate Smoothie”
  • probably new drinks will come, because mead is important for buffs
  • more components become available so that you can build even fancier buildings

In addition, the cooking station is generally being expanded and work is being carried out on the farming system. Not only will the house and yard get a makeover, but also the game’s popular combat system.

Above all, parades and blocks should function differently here than before. Because the efficiency of the blocking is influenced by your maximum life energy. The shields required for this also get a buff and can turn you into a real tank.

When is Hearth & Home coming? On September 16, Hearth & Home will be released as a free update for Valheim on Steam. This is the first major update for Valheim, after the game has been playable since February.

In the past few weeks and months, players have been waiting for new content for a while. With Hearth & Home they finally get that, even if many are certainly waiting for more bosses or biomes.

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