Updating notes in World of Warcraft.

So, Blizzard has released an update to its notes about the Shadowlands pre-expansion for World of Warcraft, which focuses on classes.

As mentioned, the patch notes focus to some extent on updates for various classes. The notes refer to the death knight, monk, paladin,sorcerer and warrior. For example, a priest sees several changes in discipline, shadow, and sanctity. It was in the shadows that the duration of dark thoughts increased to 10 seconds. “Mind torture” and “mind desiccation” damage was reduced by 15%.

Also, in the notes describes the items and rewards. As for the items, the characters will not hold the camera in selfie mode in an attempt to fix some camera problems. It is in PvP that you will see a 25% increase in damage needed to destroy the root and fear when you are in combat. Also, the app has undergone several changes specifically for Shadowlands and fixes various problems.Shadowlands is also scheduled for release on November 23, so it’s pretty soon…get ready!

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