Updated version of the Crypto Space to version 1.0

“We are excited to make the vast and exciting CSC universe available to all gamers on Steam today, ” Fazri Zubair, co-founder of Lucid Sight, said in a press release.. He continued: “Our team decided to take the deep and complex elements of traditional space MMOs and offer a new world with faster missions to explore, mine, craft, and battle, in an ever-expanding sandbox experience. We are very happy to start this experience today.”

Here’s how the developers from Lucid Sight commented on the updated version of Crypto Space to version 1.0, noting its exit from the Steam early access program before the full release.

Lucid Sight expands its early access universe with the debut of its season 1: Expansion Wars content. Along with the new star system, players will also be able to see new starships, and there will be weeks of in-game events to welcome new players to the galaxy and thank veteran players for their invaluable help throughout the development process.

CSC-Star Trek crossover event
Anyone who played CSC during early access knows that Lucid Sight has a penchant for cross-events. The first CSC crossover event was associated with the cult sci-Fi IP-Star Trek. The first 5-week event, the divergence alpha event, began on August 29, 2019 with Star Trek ships being pulled into the CSC Universe through cracks formed in the EQ Pegasi system. The crack reappeared on may 29, 2020, foreshadowing the second crossover event, Star Trek: Picard.

Each Collectible item is minted on the Ethereum blockchain with a unique serial number and an entry in the blockchain as proof of authenticity. The ships were sold at auction during previous events for thousands of dollars, so expect to open your Eth wallet if you need one of these collectibles. As before,shared versions of Star Trek ships will also be available throughout the 6-week event.

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