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Update To Bless Unleashed.

Bandai Namco has just released a fairly large content update for Bless Unleashed called the Spear of Salvation. The update will be available live on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and includes the new Ivory Dunes region, nightspire – Entropic Descent dungeon, Forgotten Sewers lair, and Dune Tyrant arena challenge.

Spear of salvation will also continue the story and introduce a new first iteration of elementary weapons, as well as a new class leveling system that includes new unlockable passive skills for each class, as well as new fishing mechanics.

Also, a new Bless Pass called Strange New World will start later today. Players can earn additional rewards, such as gold, useful supplies, and of course the exclusive dreamgrazer Goat horse, only by completing weekly missions. The Bless Pass is free for all players, but can also be upgraded for $14.99 for even better rewards.You can read the full release notes on the official Bless Unleashed website.

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