Fresh Update for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Update for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Why travel the real world when there is Microsoft Flight Simulator? Moreover, with each update, the virtual Earth is becoming more and more beautiful. In particular, the fresh update has ennobled the northern countries of Europe: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

What’s new was added to World Update V: Nordics:

  • Enhanced detail in landscapes.
  • Improvement of regional architecture and 100 airports.
  • Several handcrafted airports.
  • 78 attractions.
  • Five long-haul flights.
  • Five landing tests – at the airports of Bronholm (Denmark), Isafjordur (Iceland), Stockholm-Arlanda (Sweden), Svalbard (Norway) and Vasa (Finland).

Previously, the following regions were also improved:

  • Japan,
  • USA,
  • Great Britain and Ireland,
  • France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is currently available on PC and will be released on the Xbox Series on July 27. It looks like the Xbox One version has been canceled, but it may still be possible to play through cloud gaming.

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