Update in Guild Wars 2.

I think everyone has heard the voices of Tyria talking, as tomorrow will mark the day of delayed echoes of previous content updates for Guild Wars 2, No Quarter and Jormag Rising, which will finally be implemented in the game. It also marks the release of the next Chapter of the cebrood Saga: Champions-known as truce, will drop.

The update that will be released tomorrow will be the first in a series of updates, ending the long journey that has been The icebrood Saga. Latest travel guide map,which is issued by the ArenaNet team, suggests that we will see how the final arc will move into the middle of next year, nicely paving the way for the upcoming expansion..

Players still bought the game and think about it, you can also find that the standard and Deluxe editions are 50% off right now until November 23.

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