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Update for Blade & Soul called Winds of Rage.

Finally, a new update for Blade & Soul, called Winds of Rage, will launch on May 12 and bring with it a new dungeon called Thornwind Cavern. What can you expect in this new heroic dungeon? Read on to find out.This is a new heroic dungeon for 6 players, designed for level 60 – HM 23 (easy difficulty) and HM 25 (hard difficulty). The text of the Thornwind Cave Dungeon fragrance reads:

“The memory of Madun resurfaces when Chundun seeks help to put an end to Madun’s exceptional Familiar, Uzuma, who is inconsolable in Thornwind’s cave after Madun’s sacrifice. Of course, no request is ever so simple! The Inner Conclave invaded the Valley of Thornwind, spreading a poisonous Dark Chi that turned Mount Uzume into a savage rage…”

Your reward for defeating Uzume includes materials that you can use to upgrade to the next legendary PvE bracelet, earrings, and rings. In addition, the Winds of Rage update also allows you to upgrade the Overture mascot to the Skywatch level. This means that you can upgrade your talisman to increase your HP and defense stats. If you’ve been putting this off, now is the time to update. In addition, the update marks the end of the daily Dash calendar. Its replacement will allow you to look into the future and get daily rewards.

Also, the Blade & Soul team has published additional information about the upcoming engine update, which should take place this summer. This Unreal Engine 4 update is designed to make quite a big change to the user interface, in addition to customizing the battle with a new battle response system.

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