Update 27.2 for Warframe released on PC

27.2 update for Warframe

Digital Extremes has released update 27.2 for the Warframe. Characters can no longer cripple themselves with their own guns, and now it takes less time and resources to create a railjack. Plus, balanced changes were made to statuses, bugs were fixed and the interface was improved.

The PC version of the action game Warframe received an update of 27.2. The developers prepared the players to continue the quest “New War”, and the operation “Scarlet Spear” should begin very soon.

Now, assembling the parts of a railjack will take six hours instead of 12 (and less resources are needed). Users who started the quest for this ship will receive one repair drone as a gift, and two if they complete the mission.

Tenno no longer inflict damage on their own with their own guns, so now many characters will probably begin to use grenade launchers more often during battles. The maximum rank of the hoaxer has increased to five.

Slash statuses no longer pass through shields, but still cause damage when triggered. The toxin damage bonus on armor has been reduced from 25% to 0 (now it bypasses shields).

The code contains information about the Kuva Liches, with whom the character interacted. Melee damage was increased for infected characters. The clan introduced large blueprints for restoring the health of the squad, shields, ammo and energy.

You can now shoot arrows and missiles through the Nova teleport. Guard and weapon mods no longer need duplication.

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