Update 1.89 for War Thunder: adding more combat vehicles till the game explodes

War Thunder update 1.89

War Thunder’s devs go mad with their addiction over battle vehicles, which they already have added more than enough into the game and continue doing this.

Update 1.89

The new update will contain a new research tree with 20 Japanese naval vessels, including cruisers, torpedo boats, and destroyers. As for today, you can look closer at two of them: The PG-02 artillery boat and the Kiyoshimo destroyer. If you want to view the whole stuff you can go for closed beta testing of the future patch and pre-order those two new ships or at least one of them.

You also will get the heavy cruiser class of warship and the chance to enter the Tester team (that will cost you nothing). To have that chance, you will need to complete certain tasks every day. More information will reach to us through the next few weeks.

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