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Unpleasant things with the dungeons of the Awakening Flame.

If you are currently viewing PTS for Elder Scrolls Online, I have a few fixes for you that may fix some annoying things with the Awakening Flame dungeons. First, a little refreshment. Waking Flame is the next expansion, which is scheduled to be released this fall in Elder Scrolls Online, and, as usual, will contain two dungeons. In fact, we have some information about their Terrible Dungeon in the Basement here.

Fixes for the Awakening Flame Dungeons include a wide range of bosses, sound effects, and more. Some notes to the patch for the Bastion of Red Petals, for example, include:

  • Updated sound effects for aspects of Goriceli Moraburo.
  • Valin no longer casually throws the relic at Lyranth.
  • Lyrant now lets you bask in the glory of your achievement before speaking after completing the “Rose of Many Thorns” task.
  • Lirant now waits a moment for the tension to subside before speaking after defeating Rogerain.
  • Blocking in first-person mode, while under the influence of Anya’s Crystal Animus, now forces you to work in third-person mode.
  • Valin is a little less in a hurry, discovering a room full of relics.
  • Other notes to the patch relate to combat, gameplay, detail, base game, and much more. For example, PTS makes some improvements to the companions:
  • Fixed a bug that caused companions to shoot invisible arrows.
  • Bastian and Mirri will now react when you level up or score champion points.You can read the full notes for the PTS patch here. In other ESO news, the ZOS team recently introduced us to Lucilla Caprenia ahead of the Flame Awakening DLC.

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