A list of MMO celebrations that didn’t rip off real-world holidays

Unique MMO celebrations that didn’t rip off real-world holidays

Final Fantasy XIV: Moonfire Faire

Doesn’t it seem weird to you that all these fantasy and sci-fi worlds that we see there have evolved the same holidays that we celebrate in our real life? They of course can disguise them rename it and change a bit, but it’s the same Christmas, the same Valentine’s Day, the same Halloween, and the same April Fools Day everywhere.

So why just not to become a little more creative, using your imagination and finally have something different that only exist in that one certain world? Anyway, it has been done — many times before, in fact. So, this week we will be looking for some holidays that don’t come from any real world calendar that we can buy.


World of Warcraft: Children’s Week

WoW actually has a striking amount of holidays, both unique and. The Children;s Week is my favorite, due to it’s specifics. It’s not about feasting, you actually become a parent of an orphan for a week, and your duty is guide your child through the surroundings. Of course, you don’t take them to the amusement park, you gotta teach them to fight, show them dangerous battlefields, force your kid to watch all the horrific places you can reach. Sure, all these it’s for a good cause.


Final Fantasy XIV: Moonfire Faire

It’s more like showing off your swimsuit and perfectly shaped body, no death fights. Of course, if you have none of it, you’re out of league and don’t have chance to win. “Only those possessed of a strong pair of legs and a stomach for dizzying heights may hope to conquer this most death-defying test of acrobatic prowess.”

So, not for me but probably for cats.


EverQuest II: Tinkerfest

A new one for this MMO, Tinkerfest celebrates at the end of July and is about all Gnomes and clockwork stuff. Since this little race is overlooked most of times, they really need this drop of attention for them.


Star Trek Online: Lohlunat Festival

If you’re a Star Trek fan you know that out of the entire galaxy, there’s probably the only place to vacation, I mean single California-class planet known as Risa. And you also might be aware that when this festival, time comes, that captain better get to this planet ASAP to hoverboard, dance, and jet pack across its beauty and may be they get a free spaceship. That’s how timeshares get you.


Lord of the Rings Online: Farmer’s Faire

Summer seems to be the perfect time for celebrating for both our and MMO reality. And so for a LOTRO medium-sized Hobbits event and the whole thing is about food. Get on board with scrambled eggs and delicious mushrooms, and you’ll be in for a tasty treat of a festival.


Asheron’s Call: Reception Games

A big event dedicated to the prince marriage, that echoes of it played out for years afterward with this festival. As a player you have to sprint breathlessly to different candles and find eggs hidden in rock piles. I don’t want how it connected to wedding’s anniversary, I guess it’s more about the prince’s ego.

Of course, this is only a little part of non-real holiday events — what are your favorites? Share with us in the comments!

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