The first trailer and details of Action RPG Undecember were shown

Undecember: the first trailer and details

LINE Games Play Game presented us the premier trailer of Action RPG Undecember announced in April 2020. Developers also showed us some details of this game.

Undecember has the Hack’n’Slash fighting system created the same way as Diablo and resembling projects. Players will travel through different locations like woods, lakes, deserts and snow-covered places killing loads of monsters the same time. Auto-fight isn’t supported. The game mainly focuses on enjoying farming different skills and objects.

Not having classes system is Undecember’s speciality, so users can variously improve characters. You can try fighting styles unifying objects and skills. Characteristics let you reset at any moment. Rune chosen in the skill influences on combat system.

There’s not only single player campaign, but also multiplayer one. Modes like PvP and Guild Wars are also announced. New kinds of activities are still in development.

This project is debuting for the Needs Games studio. Its release takes place at last three months of 2021. It’ll be available on PC and IOS and Android mobile devices.

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