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Two special progression servers for EverQuest launched yesterday.

So, it became clear that announced over a month ago, two dedicated progression servers for EverQuest were launching yesterday , bringing subscribers the classic EQ experience – with a few twists. These two time-locked progression servers hit the MMO today and will allow players to relive the old days in EQ, and expansions for the venerable MMO are planned to launch gradually as the servers progress.

“Mischief will be a new way to experience EverQuest as it has grown over time, starting from earlier eras of the game and adding our own twist (inspired by this crafty, hilarious God of tricks). The Mischief Random Loot Progression Server will start by accessing the source zones that were available at launch, and will gradually add extensions, first Classic will run for a month, and then subsequent extensions will be opened at a given cadence later.”

However, while the classic EverQuest experience exists, things are not as they were when the MMO first appeared twenty-two years ago, as the progression servers will have their own unique set of rules, such as random loot, which can see rare NPCs drop loot from other NPCs, as well as raids dropping loot from other raids. Free trade is also included, which means that players can trade almost anything purchased in the game.

But Mischief is not the only server discovery, as Thornblade also runs with the Mischief ruleset due to the requirement and as an overflow server. The team also marked their planned unlock cadence, a few months before the first expansion drops, and then each expansion drops from there to a two-to three-month regular cadence. If you want to join Mischief, you need to be an EverQuest subscriber to access the progression servers. However, the MMO still wants you to participate in its game even after twenty-two years, and a progression server with different rules is certainly a way to rekindle interest.

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