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Trial version of Elder Scrolls Online.

So, Elder Scrolls Online is holding another free trial until January 26. And a few details about it.

The free trial will last until January 26 at 10a Eastern time. In fact, as in the previous free trial versions, you will also be able to take advantage of several advantages of the ESO Plus subscription. These include full access to all the game’s DLC packs, which include new zones, dungeons, and more.

This also includes Orisinium, the Thieves ‘ Guild, the Dark Brotherhood, Shadows, Ph. D. in History, Morrowind (Zones and History), Summerset (Zones and History), Elsweyr (Zones and History), and Markart, which is the last DLC. Other benefits you can experience include an unlimited crafting bag, double bank space for all the characters in your account, 10% buff for experience and gold, double furniture and collectible space, dye suits, and double storage for transmuted crystals.

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