Total War Saga: Troy should soon receive the Amazons DLC next week.

As it became known, a Total War Saga: Troy should soon receive the Amazons DLC next week, September 24. And it’s yours, you can keep it until October 8.

This follows the free-to-keep campaign of the base game, during which 7.5 million people demanded their free copy. The DLC introduces two of the era’s fiercest female heroes to the Total War: TROY Saga. You can take on the role of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, or someone else and create a new legacy for your tribes. Both characters welcome new and unique campaigns, as well as a wide variety of features, including the First Female total War army roster and the first Horde faction.

There will also be new features, these new features include 2 new factions of the Amazon Penthesilea and the Amazon Hippolyta. In addition, two new epic heroes are introduced – with custom models, animations, VO, skills and abilities.

Naturally, there will be new lists of units that consist only of female warriors and cavalry sub-divisions, as well as new faction mechanics, such as the Amazon Kingdom, blood oath, and so on. New epic mission chains, new buildings, events, and all other faction content will be introduced.

You can get your copy of the DLC from the Epic Games Store. You can get it for free if you sign up for Total War Access and link it to your Epic account.

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