Torchlight Frontiers closed alpha 3 opens March 5th

Torchlight Frontiers closed alpha 3

Echtra Games has announce details for Torchlight Frontiers Alpha 3 testing.

It starts March 5th and probably most sagnificant change from Alphas 1 and 2 – no NDA. Players who get invited can openly stream and record their gameplay.

Participants of previous Alpha tests will automatically have acces to Alpha 3. Also Devs will be sending more invites to “thousands” of players, so if you want a chance to play – head over to official site and “Register for Beta”.

There will be a character wipe, so everybody will start with clean slate.

Improvements in Torchlight Frontiers Alpha 3:

  • Frontier Levels have replaced the old Weapon and Armor Skills
  • Wardrobes are now available to store your gear collection within your Fort
  • New Mapworks features
  • Pet equipment slots
  • Expanded Hyvid Frontier area and quests
  • New intro experience
  • Improved Waypoint system

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