Today is the Last Oasis got the map of Vulcania

Today is the Last Oasis got the map of Vulcania. In between, the Erasure still needs to happen, just not in October.

In addition, the Erasure will still occur. However, according to the questions and answers posted on Steam, this won’t happen this month,
“We don’t have an exact date for the destruction of the main branch yet. We want to open the beta branch first and see how it goes before setting any date. Once we know when we want the erase to happen, we will give a lot of warnings.”

Private servers look like they are still happening, but there is still no specific and good information about the dates yet. PTR called beta versions will happen too. This branch will be active for much longer and receive periodic updates. It will also have a full dynamic area, such as the official main area.

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