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Today a new MMORPG was released on Steam

With Mortal Online 2, a new MMORPG started in Early Access on Steam today. That says of itself that gamers are “constantly at risk” and can lose everything. We explain what exactly this game is and who should watch it.

What kind of a game is it? Mortal Online 2 is a sandbox MMORPG with a strong focus on PvP. You can go out and explore the world, build a house and even start your own empire. But none of this works without you shedding blood. And that will often be your own, especially in the first few hours of the game.

Because regardless of whether the PvE opponents or other players: you are always in danger of dying. And with death comes the loss of the entire inventory. This can be very frustrating for many MMORPG fans.

What happened now On November 23, Mortal Online 2 went into Early Access (via Steam). If you want to try the tough MMORPG, you can do so now. However, the game is Pay2Play, so access costs 38$ and a subscription. In addition, the release date has now been set. The MMORPG will officially appear on January 25, 2022.

Mortal Online 2 relies on action battles and your creativity

What does Mortal Online 2 offer? Mortal Online 2 relies on an action system from the first person perspective. You have to hit or block with your weapon in a targeted manner. The movement of the mouse decides whether the hit comes from above, below, right or left. This is important because enemies have different weak points or the blocking can be bypassed. However, this is not so easy, especially for beginners.

The game features hand-to-hand and long-range combat, as well as magic and even horseback fighting. However, Mortal Online 2 does without classes or levels. Instead, there are a number of skills that you can improve through repeated use.

At its core, the MMORPG relies on typical sandbox elements. So you can look forward to crafting, free trade between players and housing. The character editor is really cool, in which your age influences your stats and different ancestors can be mixed together. Here alone you can work on the details forever.

The highlight – or the absolute turn-off – is then the full-loot PvP. So if you kill another player in the open world, you can bag the whole inventory.

Oh yes, and there is no map. Not even a compass like in New World or ESO. You have to like that too.

Who is the game for? Mortal Online 2 is aimed at players who are into sandbox and PvP. Anyone who gets involved in the game, can get involved in a guild and also has fun theory crafting should take a look at the PvP MMORPG. Because it offers a good combat system, solid graphics and several mechanics that go very deep.

However, the game is not for fans of classic MMORPGs with a hero story, linear quests and dungeons, because they do not exist in Mortal Online 2.

The payment system, which relies on a Buy2Play model and subscription, is also difficult. A big hurdle that only a few players will jump over. But they could form a close and strong community.

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