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Titanfall 3: Developers have little hope of a sequel

Developing a new Titanfall game doesn’t seem to be a priority at Respawn Entertainment right now. A staff member at the studio has revealed that there is absolutely nothing in development on the subject of Titanfall at the moment. However, the creators didn’t want to completely rule out a sequel.

It’s been almost five years since Respawn Entertainment released Titanfall 2, the last part of the series. A mobile offshoot was released in 2017 with Titanfall Assault, but this playfully relied on a different genre. Now the developers have spoken again about the future of Titanfall. Accordingly, fans should not have any hopes for a third part for the time being.

Community coordinator Jason Garza said in a recent YouTube video, “I’ve mentioned this before. We have nothing in development. There is nothing. We have too many other games in production right now.”

So it looks like Respawn Entertainment’s priorities aren’t Titanfall right now. After Garza’s statement made the rounds on the Internet, the development studio’s official Twitter account also commented on the subject. In it, the creators confirmed that Titanfall continues to be the core of Respawn Entertainment’s DNA. “Who knows what the future will bring …” finally rounded off the statement by those responsible.

So far there have only been rumors about the projects that are currently being worked on at Respawn Entertainment. Among other things, there were always references to a successor to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. In addition, the team should continue to be busy with new content for Apex Legends. Jason Garza also mentioned in his video that his colleagues are still taking care of the current situation of the Titanfall servers, which have been struggling with attacks and problems in the past few months. Even Apex Legends was recently hacked to get Respawn Entertainment’s attention to Titanfall.

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