Thunder Tier One tactical shooter playtest begins

Thunder Tier One tactical shooter playtest begins

KRAFTON is going to do a short playtest of the top-down tactical shooter Thunder Tier One. This stage will begin on Thursday, July 29, and will last until Sunday, August 1. You can request access on the Steam page.

During the playtest, dubbed “Bravo”, players will be able to appreciate the new Exfil and Domination modes, as well as three campaign missions – Silver Dew, Cold Stone and Blue Typhoon. It will be possible to play both alone and in co-op, depending on the selected mode.

“We’ve been working hard on Thunder Tier One and the team is excited to share new content with the community. Previewing Bravo’s gameplay is a great chance for fans to experience the world we’ve created, and it’s also an opportunity for us to get valuable feedback from the audience, “said developer Pavel Smolevski.

Thunder Tier One is a top-down tactical shooter set in the early nineties. Players will lead an elite Special Forces team, participating in single and multiplayer modes. Strategic gameplay is promised, in which it will be necessary to tactically assess the situation and develop a plan to achieve success.

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