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This week at Bungie in Destiny 2.

A few hours ago, on the official website of Destiny 2 Boost, another news from the series “This week at Bungie” appeared, in which the developers told more details about the upcoming season 13.

Shadow engrams.
Based on community feedback in season 13, the developers will return a convenient and good system of “Shadow Engrams”, having made a number of improvements, and it will be present in future seasons 4 years. If you missed Season 11, 2020 for any reason, the “Shadow \ Umbral” engrams are a system of customizable rewards, they allow the player to choose through simple actions what exactly they will receive after opening the engram. For example, this way you could get a weapon with a set of good perks. A striking example is the slug shotgun “First In, Last Out \ In reverse order”, perfect for PvE \ PvP.

  • Prismatic Recaster-the main tool for setting up shadow engrams will change the appearance and judging by the picture below, it is no longer located next to the Wanderer. For him, they will add an introductory quest, it will have to be completed only 1 time (applies to the account).
  • We balanced the chance of shadow engrams falling out, most likely, in the direction of reducing the chance of drop, since in season 11 they fell in just a huge amount.
  • Shadow Engrams can be obtained by completing the following activities – Patrols, Raids Boost, Shadow Raids, PvP, Gambit, Public events, the Well in the City of Dreams, Nightmares, Exo Trial, Imperial Activity, and from special new activities of Season 13.
  • With the Shadow Engrams, you will not be able to get the equipment of the 12th hunting season, as the Wrathborn will still be available.
  • Add a new item – Prismatic Lens. It is used to unlock additional options for the shadow engram method. For example, to reduce the engram loot pool or focus on a specific armor characteristic. Prismatic Lens can be obtained from various activities, and in Prismatic
  • Recaster you can see the progress of unlocking them.

Improve titles.

In season 13, there will be, in my opinion, a strange innovation that does not carry any practical benefits, it will add a long-term goal to the game (if you can say so at all), which may interest a certain circle of players. The developers decided to make a very unusual way to diversify the title system, allowing you to re-open the title you have already received by performing a number of additional triumphs. In this case, the title will change color from purple to gold and an icon will appear next to it, indicating how many times the player has re – “opened” the title.

This “innovation” applies only to the following key titles:

  • “Conqueror \ Conqueror” (Twilight Raids-Grandmaster difficulty).
  • “Unbroken \ Unbroken” (PvP).
  • “Dredgen \ Dorden” (Gambit).
  • “Flawless” (the test of Osiris).
  • As in the case of ordinary purple, gold titles perform an exclusively aesthetic role and act as an indicator of personal progress. In addition, each season, additional tasks change, and the gold title you received will return to the basic purple version.

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