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There are 2 new heroes in Black Desert Mobile.

In Black Desert Mobile, there are 2 new heroes, with whom the game goes further into ranged combat. She got into the game yesterday, Archer and Fletcher.Ranged heroes comes with today’s patch, which also contains many bug fixes and more for the mobile MMO.

The two given classes have longer range damage, although each is different from the other. An archer is a more introverted crossbowman, using his speed and agility to avoid danger and bring doom upon his enemies. Using a gauntlet called Ra’gon, the Archer uses light energy to help destroy his enemies by attacking from any angle.

Fletcher, meanwhile, prefers to destroy his prey from a distance, using his longbow with devastating effect. Using the Divine Piercer, a spear-like arrow used with a Large Bow, Fletcher can pierce enemies from a distance with pinpoint accuracy.

The most recent update brings primitive accessories to Black Desert Mobile that can be crafted from the craft menu or in your camp with the help of a blacksmith. They can be upgraded to level 10. In addition, some market convenience features have been added to the MMO, with an instant purchase button, making it a little easier to purchase the necessary items. With the new patch, class changes have also been added, such as the Lotus class getting rebalanced to focus on getting in and out of battles quickly, and more. Pearl Abyss hopes that with these changes, it will make the underused class a little more appealing.

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