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The Wayward Realms: open-world RPG from former Elder Scrolls developers

The former Elder Scrolls employees Ted Peterson and Julian LeFay have opened a very nice barrel with The Wayward Realms: It should be an open-world fantasy RPG, with a gigantic world that will continuously develop depending on your decisions and the way you play target.

If Ted Peterson and Julian LeFay can keep their promises, then fantasy and RPG fans should definitely write down the title The Wayward Realms. The open-world RPG from the Once Lost Games studio should not only offer a gigantic open world, but also entice with weighty decisions and multi-layered role-playing elements.

A little teaser, some clues, but no date yet

Apart from a teaser on YouTube and a Steam page, there is not yet a lot of information. The video embedded here gives at least a first impression of what we can expect visually from The Wayward Realms. A well-armored knight rides through a misty forest, only to marvel at a vast world from a cliff at the end. The information content is rather insignificant, but the whole thing looks nice.

The Steam page is a bit more informative. In addition to the former Elder Scrolls employees already mentioned, the name of the studio also occurs there: Once Lost Games. They also serve us some pointers on what players can expect from The Wayward Realms.

Island hopping in a huge world

The world of The Wayward Realms, the so-called archipelago, is said to consist of more than 100 smaller islands, but they will have a realistic size. In the classic RPG manner, many factions, kingdoms and other communities live on the islands and the player should be able to significantly influence the connections between these and his own position in the world.

As it says on the Steam page, the world should also be significantly larger than you know from most games. So Peterson and LeFay are definitely ambitious. Furthermore, there is talk of a virtual game master who is supposed to change the behavior of other characters based on the actions of the player. What exactly we can imagine by this remains to be seen first.

Last but not least, the team also promises extremely complex role-playing elements. Instead of familiar classes such as magicians or warriors, you should be able to shape your character according to your wishes. The focus is on customization and the willingness to experiment. A profound story and many cultures are also promised. That sounds very promising. But we will not find out in the near future what will be implemented in the end and what it will look like.

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