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The update in the Elder Scrolls Online didn’t go so smoothly.

As it turned out, update 28 was released in The Elder Scrolls Online in September, it did not go as smoothly as the developers would like. Both PC and console players started experiencing crashes, skill resets, missing skill points, and some other issues.

Update 28 aired alongside the markarth DLC, which will complete the epic Dark Heart of Skyrim storyline. Below you can find the official DLC gameplay trailer.

Many issues have already been fixed with patches that have been released over the past few weeks, but very active game crashes and skill resets continue to bother players on many platforms. But the ESO Champion Points Boost is live and ongoing in the store.

” We recognize that the most recently released patch for PC and consoles did not fix all the active game crashes you have experienced since update 28, and we have worked hard to identify these crashes and worked to fix them, ” ZeniMax Online Studios tweeted.

The team is currently working on a patch that will be rolled out on December 7 on PC and December 9 on consoles. “This patch will include fixes for some of the most common game crashes, some crash fixes for specific consoles, compensation for missing skill points for PC players, and several additional fixes,” the developers wrote.

The team also assured players that the Undaunted event, which was previously postponed due to ongoing issues, will still air as scheduled on December 3.

”During this in-game event, you can earn bonus rewards and glory for completing any of the four-player dungeons in Tamriel, ” ZeniMax explained. “When you defeat the final dungeon boss during this event, in addition to his usual rewards, he also drops an undaunted reward box. These famous containers can contain all kinds of useful and valuable loot, including fearless keys, fearless loot (to sell for gold), motif pages, repair kits, transmuted crystals, and more.”

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