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The upcoming patch for Marvel’s Avengers will be released on March 18.

So, War Zone director Philippe Therrien has become the unofficial Reddit community manager for Marvel’s Avengers. In his recent responses to the community, Filt, as he is known on Discord and Reddit, talks about their communication problems and gives a little insight into the development.

And in just a few days, the next new patch for Marvel’s Avengers is already out, bringing a ton of new features, a new character, a new storyline, and some unwanted changes, such as increasing the time it takes to level up a character to 50. The reaction to the increase in leveling speed was overwhelmingly negative, leading to several explanations for the change to give players a better understanding of what is changing and why. Filth acknowledged this in one of the posts and explained that the community team actually wants to provide more information than they can.

β€œIt is fair to say that the accuracy of information is something that is very important for all of us. So I can’t always talk about everything, although it makes sense. There’s really no malice here, I go to a few meetings where the community team is constantly pushing you guys for updates. Sometimes we move too fast (see the XP blog) and things go wrong. So in some cases, we take our time to get our facts right and make sure you have the context.”

Philippe Therrien also says that he would really like to see the changes for the XP remake better communicated to the players. He also addressed features that were teased but not talked about at length, one of which was the gear redesign, which is probably the most necessary and most anticipated change in the game at the moment. According to Filt, just because they didn’t talk about the feature doesn’t mean the feature was cut out, as some features may take precedence over others. While it’s hard to say which features are prioritized at this point, as the customizable Harm Room wasn’t a special request, some players get their prayers answered in the form of the ability to replay a story mission, which wasn’t possible unless you started a whole new game.

“We know we can and should make better guys. I know that missing promises seem like lies, but the truth is sometimes much more subtle than that. We often make decisions about scaling or moving things, and unfortunately if that happens after we’ve announced something, it’s not good for everyone. Please understand that the current caution is an equal measure of respect for you. It may not be, and that’s where things could be better.”

The upcoming patch for Marvel’s Avengers, 1.5, which includes Operation Future Imperfect, will be released on March 18.

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