The Unvaulted Event of Fortnite: Drum Gun is back, Tilted Towers are out

Fortnite The Unvaulted Event

Good news, may be not everyone, but the fans of the Drum Gun feature: it’s back in Fortnite. Also, the bad news: Tilted Towers is not here no more.

The Unvaulted Event

A few days ago, players solved the puzzle of mysterious runes at Loot Lake and on May 4  the giant door in the center of Loot Lake has opened, which led to the vaulted Fortnite weapons to show itselves as the monitors, surrounded the location did earlier.

The weaponry was frozen in blocks, like the monitors which surrounded the area, vaulted Fortnite weapons appeared and each were frozen in ice. Players could spot the Drum Gun, Tactical SMG and four others. All the appeared items were the community choices, but the Drum Gun was added in every block. This one seems like generally favorite community gun, so devs has brought it back for Season 9.

The Unvaulted Event deserves your check: the Volcano explosion, the downfall of the Titled Towers, Retail Row parking lot is ruined and Polar Peak has got a crack in it. A bunch of other map locations were hit by flying boulders, but we still can’t say for sure which of them.

Unfortunately, as many players report, they couldn’t participate or watch Unvaulted Event. In case you’re one of them, watch the record of the Unvaulted Event below.

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