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The traditional Dragon Bash festival has started in Guild Wars 2

So, in Guild Wars 2, the long-awaited traditional Dragon Bash festival has begun. Players will come together to celebrate their victories, enjoy a variety of activities and get rare items.

But to take part in the festival, you will need to go to Helbrak, the capital of the Norns. You can use the teleport that was sent to your email in the game. For participating in Dragon Bash, players will receive chests with dragons. It contains various holiday items, including special currency. Festival merchants will offer coupons for it, which are used to buy valuable rewards such as holographic weapons, armor skins, miniatures, and more.

Holographic Escape
This combat activity takes place on the maps surrounding Hoelbrak. Tap on the Dragon Bash notification on the right side of the screen to see the time until the next event. By selecting the name of the map, you will know which waypoint you should go to.

When the event starts, the hologram projectors will appear on the map similar to ESO. When activated, they summon holographic minions.

Team up with other players to clear as many opponents as possible and advance to the next round. The more minions you kill, the better the rewards will be.
The developers have also prepared a large number of festival achievements and daily tasks that will bring special items that can not be obtained in any other way.The Dragon Bash festival will be available for 3 weeks.

MOA Competition
The Moa aren’t built for riding, but they love a good race. Place a bet in the Hall of Legends shortly before the start of the race and cheer for your favorite moa. Talk to Kappa to see what’s happening from a bird’s eye view.

Dragon Arena
Visit Lake Mourne and talk to Halstein to challenge the Dragon Arena. You’ll battle other players to survive waves of holographic minions and increasingly challenging bosses. If you and your friends want a bigger battle, create a group and take part in the dragon arena survival challenge.

Mount Race
Head to the Chamber of Commerce to ride your favorite mount around the city.


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