The team of Intrepid Studios does not forget to share various details.

Continuing to prepare for the postponed several times the first Alpha of the MMORPG Ashes of Creation, the team of the studio Intrepid Studios does not forget about the community and continues to share various details about the components of their brainchild.

So, this time the developers have prepared a record of the gameplay dedicated to PvP, where they demonstrated an early version of the Siege. In particular, during the half-hour during which the published video lasts, viewers can see siege weapons in action, a battle with a huge dragon, one of the raid bosses shown in the previous video, and, of course, battles involving a large number of users.In addition, it became known that after five years of work, the team left the lead game designer of the project Jeffrey Bard (Jeffrey Bard), who decided to devote himself to working with the VR space. As a result, his duties will be temporarily performed by the creative director and senior designer.

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