The team has published all the answers to your questions.

So, I think that many Albion Online players have questions about the operation of the manual cluster queue priority system? Well, the team has published all the answers to your questions.

In short, this system works at the Alliance level, it calculates the total number of player slots that the Alliance can get in the loop zone for the queue. This math depends very much on the IP values in the queue and certainly does not depend on manual queue priority settings.

After this calculation is completed, the system will check the number of alliances in the zone to see if they need to be kicked. The forum post continues to explain the definitions that the system makes for entering and exiting the zone.

If you participated, then the seasonal points were doubled on last weekend during the day of the invasion. This was the last reset of the season for this time, so we all just have to keep an eye on everything, but also the team only recently described the fix and problems that so many players had.

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