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The team behind Ashes of Creation has provided an update.

The team behind Ashes of Creation has provided an update on their actions regarding the account policy as part of their Terms and Conditions, in which they will now apply it.

Stephen Sharif, the team’s creative director, previously stated,

“Currently, Intrepid is not related to the ownership of crowdfunding packages or pre-order packages. The main reason for this position at the moment is that we cannot ensure the transfer of these accounts.”

It seems that this position has changed when the team now applies ownership to this account. The team notes that the accounts are non-transferable, which means that the accounts belonging to you cannot be sold, sold, donated or transferred for any reason. If you or anyone else participates in such an action, you have violated the terms and conditions. The reaction on Reddit was mostly positive, with one user noting,

“It will be so damn refreshing when the active staff forbids the sharing/sale of accounts when this game comes out, and I expect that the same staff will ban the bots/buyers of the gold farm on the spot.”

Most recently, the Ashes of Creation team held a live broadcast in which they discussed the new studio, its design process and questions and answers. . Let me remind you that the alpha version, which was supposed to be released in June, was postponed for this month and should begin on July 14. The verbal NDA for the upcoming MMORPG has been canceled, however, please note that the visual NDA is still valid for sharing screenshots and frames.

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