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The supposed 49-U battle.

Quite unexpected news, but in the constantly evolving and updated universe of EVE Online last night there was a massive battle or tried to happen.

You can watch a video of it all:

So, it was called’ the supposed 49-U battle’, the fight actually started relatively modestly (watch all this on Twitch). The battle was between the Imperium and their allies against PANAMA/test and their allies. Imperium started with the engine compartment placed their fleets in defensive positions on Forticare. Then Papi came in and put on some dreadnoughts on Fortical. This allowed them to attack the Imperium’s undercarriage fleets and the citadel.

At the same time, the Imperium’s super Fleet entered, and then the mess began. As they say, the backlog was simply incredible.

“I spent most of my time looking through the list of outstanding calls to see exactly what was going on. Press the button and wait 180 seconds or more for the damn thing to happen. I know there is a teedee, but this is stupid. We didn’t even get to 4,000 people in the system! This is a reinforced node! What really, and I can’t stress it enough, is it fucking over?”

The server calls seem to have saved their queues, apparently. These server problems continued when one of these pilots jumped into the system and the fighter Bay simply decided not to load.

Then a few tips for the PCP were suggested:

“However, if I were a PDA, I would completely rule out anything that slows down the server in combat. Awards: none. These stupid liminal storms are gone… CCP needs to stop being smart and make sure the server is working. All game systems mean nothing if they don’t work. Under normal circumstances, I would have been thrilled to get the assassin’s mark on my NYX. “

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