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The superhero MMO DC Universe Online is now free with all DLCs

The superhero MMO DC Universe Online now delivers more Free2Play content and you get all episodes of the game for free. This also applies to the latest episode 41: House of Legends.

It’s free now: With the big summer update there were a number of changes at DC Universe Online that affected the Free2Play area of ​​the MMO. As announced in the spring, players without a subscription can now play all 41 episodes of the game for free. That includes the latest episode number 41 called “House of Legends”.

In the spring, the developers released a test episode of DC Univers Online for free. Based on this experience, the decision was made to make all other DLCs free of charge. In a statement it said:

The experiments have shown us many good reasons to lead more players directly into the new content without hurdles. So let’s keep it that way.
Thanks to a revision of the various sub-levels, Free2Play players also receive additional benefits. They should make it easier for FTP players to get started with the game:
  • The Daily Free Doctor Fates Login Rewards. This can be used to earn rewards worth around € 20
  • Full access to the housing and utility belt systems (a bonus item for trinkets)
  • The highest possible amount an FTP player can own has been increased from 2,000 to 50,000
  • 7 more inventory slots

To compensate for this, there were their own bonuses for the premium and member ranks, which included an even higher cash limit and even more inventory spaces.

This is House of Legends: In the latest DLC, all of Monitor’s heroes and villains are brought together in the House of Legends. It is a new player hub that can be used by both factions together. The house is located in a gap between the worlds, from where the multiverse of the game is monitored.

Why exactly you were called to the House of Legends is not entirely clear. But the goal is first to train together with all the other heroes and villains to stop a mysterious threat that haunts the multiverse.

A whole new system is also being introduced: the allies. These are allies like Cyborg or Flash who accompany you in battle and can be leveled by you.

When is the content available? All episodes have been free to play since August 25th, which means you can now jump straight into DC Universe Online and try them out right away.

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