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The start of Crowfall is more or less successful.

Although Crowfall only launched yesterday, and the MMO seemed mostly stable early on, as the floodgates opened more and more, predictable problems on launch day began to leak out for the MMO launched on Kickstarter. In addition, it seems that some of the problems may be related to the fact that the creative director of Crowfall reported DDoS attacks that hit the servers during the day.

It’s no secret that the days of launching an MMO often do not pass without any problems. Apparently, this wouldn’t be an MMO launch without one. While at the beginning of the day, the Crowfall servers seemed mostly stable for players, there were plenty of problems, because of which many could not log into the client or connect to any of the disparate game worlds. And while the official Crowfall Twitter account did not directly report the problems, except for a few retweets, MMO creative director Todd Coleman kept players up to date in a series of tweets throughout the day. In addition, the community team visited forums to update players whenever they could, assuring them that the ArtCraft Entertainment team was investigating the issues causing the crashes.

When the players asked why there weren’t a lot of messages, Coleman responded by simply stating that they were working on the issue and “there’s nothing that can be updated yet.” However, during the day, Coleman updated the players on the server status, stating that the team hopes they can “isolate the problem and solve it” after what he called a “good 7-hour run+” in the morning. But the servers themselves seem to have “returned”, although Coleman stressed that there was a “heavy load” and that Crowfall observed a “flurry of DDoS attacks” on the servers.

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