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The start date of Ashes of Creation.

Well, finally, after several postponements of the start date of the first Alpha of the MMORPG Ashes of Creation, the team from Intrepid Studios still managed to cope with the identified problems and by the next start date, scheduled for the middle of this summer, prepare their offspring for passing a major testing phase, the launch of which the studio just announced the other day.

During this event, the developers provided the participants of the event with access to a relatively small part of the fantasy world, where, nevertheless, there are plenty of different activities waiting for the latter, allowing the creators to collect the necessary information about the performance of certain systems and mechanics embedded in the gameplay process.

The servers will be open for a whole month, until on August 13, at 21: 00 Moscow time, the team turns off the game worlds for further analysis of the received data.


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