The Star Citizen team worked hard on the fixes.

So, in the latest monthly Star Citizen report from Cloud Imperium Games, the team began to describe a long list of features that they were still working on. This list includes many important features of the game-from narrative progress to engine improvements.

In just a month, you can make huge progress and the game developers want players to know that the game is constantly improving. The features that the team has been working on will be partially visible in the upcoming Alpha 3.13 patch, but some features may not hit their completion date for several months.

The monthly report is certainly an article that Star Citizen players or the curious Star Citizen will want to spend some time reading as the game continues its development nearly a decade after its first successful Kickstarter campaign. With a ton of features still being actively developed, we hope to see a thriving 2021 as backers continue this interstellar beta ride.

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