The Simpsons will appear at E3 Coliseum panel on June 11; rumors about new game

simpsons e3

This year at E3 Coliseum panel you’re going to see the Simpsons, since the writers and producers of long-famous TV show will come with something we don’t know about yet. Can we expect a new video game?


It remains unknown who exactly of Simpsons staff will be there, so we can’t even guess what kind of an announcement they’re going to make. But if there’s a new game, it probably can be a sequel to The Simpsons Hit & Run or a remaster of Virtual Springfield, may be just another mobile game, who knows?

According to The Simpsons TV producer Al Jean, they considered a possibility of a Simpsons RPG back in 2014, may be this is what we can expect to reveal?

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