The seventh studio locations of Outriders Developers has been opened.

People Can Fly (PCF), the developer of the popular Outriders game (boost available here), recently opened its seventh location, taking over the Phosphor Games development team. This will be the third studio where people will be able to fly in North America.

For those unfamiliar with Phosphor Studios (now PCF Chicago), they have developed several titles for mobile, console, and computer platforms. While most of their projects appear on mobile devices and mostly follow well-known Hollywood films and intellectual property, such as Jurassic World, Batman, Man of Steel, and World War Z, Phosphor has also created several popular and well-received titles, such as Horn, which was released back in August 2012, and its latest update came out on iOS in December 2013.

“The acquisition of the Phosphor Games team is simply the implementation of our strategy announced during the recent IPO of PCF Group. Given the variety of current projects, we need experienced, ambitious professionals to bring our plans to life.”

– Sebastian Wojciechowski, General Manager.

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